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Panim el Panim Sefer Torah Project for Paratroop Training Base

Sefer Torah Project for Paratroop Training Base Inscribing on the parchment and on our hearts To all friends of the IDF and Panim el Panim Baruch Hashem, we have received an antique Torah scroll from the Hewlett community of New York. The scroll is currently being proofread and requires extensive repairs, and with Hashem’s help, will soon be installed at Machane Eitan, the IDF Paratroop Brigade Training Base. The Torah scroll will be dedicated to the memory of three paratroop officers killed during IDF operations in Lebanon, and in memory of Rabbi Binyamin Eisner ztz”l, a revered teacher of Torah to officers and soldiers.

The Officers:

Major Meir Kanishbach, HY"D son of Shmuel (z”l) and Pnina, from Netanya. Killed in 1980 - 5740, leading the vanguard forces during a defensive operation.

Major Dudu Cohen, HY"D, son of Mordechai and Simi (z”l), from Dimona. Killed in 1982 - 5742 while leading a mop-up force during Operation Peace for Galilee.

Major Rami Ben Zvi Hachmon, HY"D, son of Amnon (z”l) and Leah, from Kibbutz Ein Harod Meuhad. Killed while leading an ambush unit in 1986 - 5747.

Rabbi Benny Eisener, HY"D

We invite you to assist in covering the costs of repairing the scroll and to strengthen the spirit of our soldiers. Please choose the donation that best suits you:

  1. A verse in the scroll - $100
  2. A word in the scroll - $18
  3. A letter in the scroll - $5

Every $100 spent goes to 1 Torah Shiur!

If you would like to have the merit of an entire Parasha, and to sponsor a year of Torah shiurim and Shabbat programs, these can be dedicated to a loved one for a donation of $18,000. Contact us to order

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

May we continue to strengthen Israel’s military might through encouraging our soldiers and their ability to draw strength from the Torah and from the holiness and heroism of our loved ones who sacrifice themselves, and who dedicate their lives for the sake of the Jewish people and Israel.

Geva Rapp, Colonel (res.)
Arie Eugene Lebovitz Commander

Dov Goldman
Gershon Schneider